Sunday, February 8, 2009

imovie 09 can import movies directly from my Sony DSC-H5

Juhuuu i have been waiting for this feature. In fact, i was very disapointed imovie 08 could not handle with my mpeg movies (Sony DSC-H5). Read the discussion at the apple forums here for more information.
But now this is over... and i'm happy! that's why i'm posting this :-D

have a while

spanningsync is better than

If you like ical and you'll like to use it online, give spanningsync a try. i use it to sync my ical to google calendar (bidirectionall!!!) and let google sms me for free! Spanning Sync costs only 25 u$ a year. give it a try:

exclude your idisk from time machine backups


  1. it is allready backed up at
  2. every single change you make on your idisk makes time machine to backup the whole image.
  3. why not?
to do that, just exclude the folder ~/Library/FileSync in the Time Machine preferences.

have a while!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

see file size as picture

Some years ago, i used kde with linux. a cool feature of konqueror was the posibility to show a specific folder as a graphic. the bigger the files, the bigger the area in the graphic. looking for a aplication like this for mac i have found disk Inventory X.

i really like this app, but i haven't seen any updates for a while. i hope the project is not dead.
enjoy it!

a good way to save space in your time machine disk

Hi there, like every mac os x - leopard user in the world should do, i use time machine. this great program let's you automate your backups. it is easy to configure, just plug an external drive, confirm and enjoy.
For people trying to optimize the space in the time machine disk there are some important things regarding some folders that are good to exclude from the backups. I have found this information from this blog. Here they are:

  • /Applications
  • /Users/[user]/Library/Caches
  • /Library/Caches
  • /Users/[user]/Downloads
  • /Users/[user]/.Trash
  • /.Trashes
  • /Library/Audio
  • /Users/[user]/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcasts
  • /Users/[user]/Library/Mail Downloads
I exclude this folders, because this information does not hurt if it disappears. please read this blog for more explanation.

now writing about mac os x

Hi people, since i own a mac i thought to start writing about interesting things around Mac os X. Please see the tag mac for all my postings in the mac category.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Pedagogical Tool for Fourier Transforms

Loren writes in her blog:

I recently attended the DSP Workshop sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society. It focues on both signal processing and signal processing education. I spoke to a lot of the attendees. Some of the professors and instructors mentioned how important it is to teach the basics solidly first, before going into more depth. If the students don't get the fundamentals, then going further doesn't help.
Please visit her blog for further information